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Heroic Minds – Take Control 

Kelly joined fellow speakers and advocates Ben Fanelli, Ryan Martin, Brock McGillis, and Emily O’Brien for a talk on overcoming obstacles and mental health.

June Lawrence School of Dance (Closed Event)
Staying Physically and Mentally Healthy as Young Dancers
Kelly spoke to the competitive team at JLSD on how to eat to stay energized, strong, and smart as dancers. They chatted about how all foods can fit in a dancer’s life, and how to stay sustained through a long practice or competition day.


Silly Goose Kids’ Welcome Baby Workshop
 Kelly spoke about pre- and postpartum nutrition to keep moms healthy both mentally and physically

 Pure Dance Crew (Closed Event)
Staying Physically and Mentally Healthy As Young Dancers
Kelly spoke to the students of Pure Dance Crew on how to eat to stay healthy as a dancer, and how to find balance between that and staying mentally healthy. We also discussed eating disorders, ditching diets, and body image.

Bliss B4 Laundry Women’s Retreat
Make Peace With Food & Your Body
A workshop on nutrition, body image, and healing your relationship with food as a part of this incredible women’s weekend. She will also be offering individual consultations throughout the weekend.

 Voice Integrative School, Toronto (Closed Event)
Grades 4-6 – The Dangers of Dieting, and Battling Poor Body Image
Grades 7-8 – Eating Disorder Awareness, and What To Do If You Think A Friend Has An Eating Disorder

 East Lynn Farmer’s Market
Raising A Healthy Eater, Both Mentally and Physically
Understanding how to raise a child with a healthy attitude towards food and their body can be a challenge. A discussion on nutrition, mental health, and eating disorders, and learn how to help your child navigate our diet-obsessed world as healthily as possible.

SATEC @ W. A. Porter CI, Toronto (Closed Event)
Understanding Eating Disorders
Kelly spoke with the Nutrition and Health Students at W. A. Porter CI (TDSB) about eating disorders. They discussed myths and misconceptions, how to find help, and what to do if you think a friend might be suffering.

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