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Recovering from an eating disorder is a challenging thing. It requires healing of the mind and the body, and neither part of it comes easily.

I’ve been there. I know how difficult it is to stomach food when your mind is screaming. I understand how frightening it is to make peace with food when it feels like the enemy. I remember well how painful the physical recovery process can be – training your body to accept and use food properly again is no easy task.

I also recognize that no two people will have the same recovery journey. What works for one person may be the last thing another needs.

Let’s work together to find out what’s right for you.

Each session will be built around what YOU need:

  • Making small (or not-so-small) changes to help meet your dietary needs
  • Healing imbalances and deficiencies to get your body (and mind) working again
  • Challenging fear foods so you don’t have to live your life as a prisoner to food
  • Developing strategies to help you make peace with food and your body
  • Family sessions so you can get the support you need at home
  • Learning how to cook simple meals to develop a new relationship with food
  • And much more!


If you’re ready to take the next step towards reclaiming your life, send me an email at kelly[@]kellyboaz[.]com.

(You’re worth it)



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