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Are You Gratitude Shaming?

You know about body shaming, you know about food shaming, you know about all kinds of shaming, but how do you know if you’re gratitude shaming? Gratitude, as with anything, can be a powerful thing, if wielded with care. But, with great power comes great responsibility, and often the gratitude movement can actually make you […]

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Recipe: Boaz’s Frozen Bananas

I don’t know about you, but I love me some Arrested Development. Gob’s illusions, the chicken dances, the huge mistakes and . . . the banana stand. When they released the last season on Netflix, my friend Hannah and I decided to make our own version of Bluth’s Frozen Bananas to celebrate. Neither the show […]

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Why I’m Not A Vegetarian Anymore

Anyone who knows me well will likely have just spit out their water/tea/scotch all over their keyboard, so I’ll give you a moment to grab a towel before continuing. Techno-drowning crisis averted? Good. The History Of Kelly The Vegetarian (Precontemplation) Okay, let’s start with a little background on my vegetarianism: I’ve never liked meat. That’s […]

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