“I have struggled with an eating disorder for close to ten years with many attempts at recovery, followed by an inevitable relapse. After being hospitalized and hitting an ultimate breaking point, Kelly helped me understand my body and why the physical aspect of eating was so painful. She explained that while the mental aspect of recovery was important, my digestive physical pain could not be ignored and needed to be fixed. Addressing these digestive issues would at least make me feel better physically to make the mental part of recovery a little bit more manageable.

Kelly used a compassionate, holistic approach to help me. Her kindness and care did not make me feel shame for my problems, but rather inspired me to make positive changes in my life. I would recommend Kelly to anyone wishing to recover from an eating disorder or at least live more comfortably in their own skin.”  

~BB, Toronto


“Kelly has completely changed my life. She approached my eating obsession like a human being who knew what it was like to have faults. She has taught me how to forgive myself, and believe that I can heal.”

~TB, Toronto

“Last year, I was a wreck.  After months of doctor and specialist appointments, a colonoscopy, and trials of over 10 medications, I was told that I had IBS, and that it was untreatable. Devastated, and unable to work due to the constant pain in my abdomen, I searched for help. The doctors simply prescribed more medication to manage symptoms, and they only made things worse.

After just a few weeks working with Kelly, she discovered the root of the problem, and started me on a road to complete recovery. Within weeks, I felt better. Now, I am pain free, am on no prescribed medications, my bowel movements have returned to normal, and I feel completely well! Kelly’s expertise, support, and care have given me my life back.”

~Kathryn Higgins, Dance Teacher and Performer, New York