How To Make Your Own Coconut Milk

I love coconuts. They are to me what Pumpkin Spice is to so many. If it is coconutty, chances are I will try it. When I lost the ability to digest dairy products, coconut milk quickly became my go-to for cereal, smoothies, and soups. It only made sense that I learn how to make it myself.

And it’s easy! For once, this is something that is easy, healthy, and inexpensive.

  1. Easy – Just 2 ingredients, a blender, a nut milk bag or cheese cloth, and voila! In the space of about 5 minutes, you have created delicious coconutty goodness.
  2. Healthy – Coconuts are awesome! They are full of medium-chain triglycerides, which is science-y speak for fats that help with your brain function, help with satiety, and are a good source of quick energy. And who doesn’t need more energy in a day? (BONUS: you get your hands coconutty in this process, and it’s a great moisturizer in these winter months!)
  3. Inexpensive – Even though a tetra-pack of coconut milk beverage, or a can of coconut milk for cooking isn’t that expensive (just a couple of bucks for each), this recipe has them beat. It yields 6 cups of coconut milk for about $0.70 – and that’s organic coconut milk, too!

Are you ready? Prepare for your world to change.

DIY Coconut Milk


1 cup Organic Unsweetened Shredded Coconut (if you use non-organic, make sure it doesn’t have any additives like sulfites)
6 cups filtered water

Nut milk bag or cheese cloth
Large bowl
Lidded Container

Add the coconut to the blender with 3 cups of water. Blend until the mixture looks fairly milky (approximately the length of time it takes to sing “Do, a deer . . . ” from The Sound of Music once through – I checked). Pour the mixture through your nut milk bag or cheese cloth (I’m told a pair of tights will work for this, as well. Just make sure to use CLEAN ones) into your large bowl. Squeeze the bag as though you are milking a cow to release all the excess moisture. Return the coconut pulp to the blender, and repeat the process with the remaining 3 cups of water.

Pour your new coconut milk into a jar (I used Mason Jars – it fills about 1 1/2 of the 1L jars) and store in the fridge for up to five days. Use to make soups, lattes, hot chocolate, smoothies – really anywhere you’d use milk. As it is stored in the fridge, the milk will separate. Either give it a shake and use as normal, or scoop out the coconut cream from the top and use as whipped cream. You’re welcome.

How do you use coconut milk in your life? Do you have a favorite milk to make?

9 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Coconut Milk

  1. thenoveilst

    I make my coconut milk from a whole brown coconut, (which is little laborious) but the end result is something of another world. 🙂 Can’t digest milk products myself, so alternatives are a must 🙂

      1. thenoveilst

        Oh dear, be careful. It can easily cause an unpleasant laceration. Use a heavy duty garden glove when attempting. 🙂 I’m used to it, as my mom taught me how to make all things coconutty from I was small, including the oil, which I did few weeks ago. That is even more laborious than the milk. But it’s worth it when you get the hang of it. 🙂 Happy adventure…


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